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Turn on the time machine!

Cyanotype on fabric

From Zhao's reflection on this project:

"For this cyanotype project, I decided to work with fabric to create a dress that (somewhat) resembles my childhood dresses. For some reason, I have very distinct memories of wearing these very comfortable cotton dresses during the summertime, and that they were made for me specifically.

Looking back through our old photos, dresses like this of all sorts of patterns (mostly all kinds of flowers) appeared throughout my childhood. I think I was very attached to them emotionally as well, maybe because they were made for me specifically? But when we moved out of our hometown, and as I grew older, I never had them made again. So making this cyanotype dress to me, is an attempt to relive the happy moments.

The last time I actually sewed a complete object was probably back in junior high for a school project, and the last time I sewed a dress was probably ten-plus years ago for my beloved Barbie dolls. This dress is made with a collection of hand-drawn flowers and plants. To me, it’s also a collection of my precious memories."

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